St. Mary The Virgin, Norton Sub Hamdon, Somerset

View From Church Lane

Norton Church is situated in the village of Norton Sub Hamdon in Somerset, we hope that your visit to this site will be an enjoyable one and that you will find it enlightening and useful in your daily life. If you have any suggestions. ie. things you like, or some you don't, then please don't hesitate to contact us using the Contact Us page.

On this site you will find a Calendar of upcoming services, a prayer diary for the month, a Sermons page with regular sermons which you can listen to in MP3 format. There is an extensive image gallery showing the beauty of the church and surrounding village, and you can read up on the history of the church in the Church Guide.

We hope that after your visit you may may wish to come to a service, or join in an activity, and that you will feel confident about approaching us if you so wish.
One of our aims is that visitors will realise that members of this Church are normal people who've found something special. We want to share it with you.

Enjoy our site.


What We Believe.......

To many people the Church seems something of an anachronism – it suggests to some a sort of pre-scientific and pre-democratic world. What does it have to offer to sophisticated twenty-first century minds?

In reality the Christian faith provides an explanation and understanding of our world that is timeless.
This is because it speaks to us at our deepest level...

Who We Are......

We are a group of people who are in the process of discovering what it means to be a Christian.
From the time of our baptism until the day of our death we are on that Spiritual journey.

There is no sense of ‘having arrived’ or ‘knowing it all’ but a constant desire to become more like the people God wants us to be...


What's New......

  • Read about the Palm Sunday Seekers on the Events page.

Visitors To Date

Visitors To Date

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